How To Make Manifestation Work Faster

One of the most popular and controversial topics is the question of how to manifest more money.

As much as everyone wants to manifest more wealth and prosperity, not everyone really understands the link between money and energy.

One must understand on a deeper level the importance of what it means when we say money is really just energy. If you imagine money as energy, it can help to see where you are wasting that energy in terms of negative focus and the wrong direction.

You should not be unnecessarily spending it on things you cannot afford or just spend thrift your money or just give it all away when you know you won’t get anything in return, with the exception of doing charity.

Your thoughts are also made up of energy. Everything you do in your life you are putting out energy. Whether it’s working, talking to your friends, engaging in debate, arguments or discussion, running, meditating, worrying, crying, etc.

So obviously you need to take care of where your energy is being spent. At least not towards things that do not enhance your life.

Start reviewing what you are doing and how you are using your energy.

Your thoughts create your reality. So you need to watch what your thoughts are doing because that’s where your energy is being focused.

When you are scared, worried, depressed, or trying to change something in the world that you literally cannot change, it is a total waste of your precious energy.

Ask yourself whether or not what you are about to do is enhancing your life or using up your precious energy? If you are about to engage in a debate online of some kind, notice whether or not the conversation depletes you or leaves you feeling more positive. If it depletes you, you are misdirecting your energy.

Also if you find yourself tired or tired after certain situations or performing certain tasks, then you are not only depleting your energy but als creating more negativity in your life.

That does not mean totally avoiding something. If there are some essential things that need to be done which may not necessarily give you any joy, you still can be mindful of how you approach them and not create a drain overspending your energy.

Start asking yourself whether this thought is going to make your life better in any way and start directing your actions towards helping you to create more space and bringing your dreams into reality.


Sometimes the path for you to manifest more money might not be the most obvious to you right now if you are currently mismanaging where you place your energy.

If you are stuck in the thought that you will receive more money through some lucky draw or a rise in salary, then you are missing out on seeing the limitless possibilities that are actually available to you.

It definitely involves having a certain amount of faith and huge self-belief to take risks and follow your passions, but when you do so you reap the rewards. Once you get really good at directing and using your energy properly, you begin to enter a phase where your life purpose becomes more clear.

In fact other people may think you are crazy when you start following what you actually love to do, rather than what you think you should do in order to generate wealth!

You might even step back from a secure 9-5 job with a steady wage in order to pursue your dreams, which will reward you with far more income down the line.

So earning money may not look like what you think it does. The leap of faith is what one takes when they know what exactly they want to do with their lives and begin directing their energies to that.

Well, you may feel scared and insecure at first, but if you ensure to be focussed in directing your energy to things that will improve and enhance your life experience, then that will bring about a happy change in your life.

Once it becomes a regular habit you will be surprised at how things start showing up and more space gets created for your dreams to come true.

The universe starts sending you synchronicities, signs, and symbols which is a way of communication that you are worth more than what you are. Manifestation becomes much easier.

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