3 Money Spells to Clear Blocks and Manifest Abundance

Money magic to help you clear blocks to prosperity, expand your capacity for wealth, and transform yourself into a rich(er) person

3 Money Spells to Clear Blocks and Manifest Abundance | Tess Whitehurst

This is an excerpt from You Are Magical.

It is natural for you to be constantly flowing with prosperous blessings, like those found in nature. Where I live, an abundance of rain and snow falls every autumn and winter, bringing forth a wealth of aspen leaves, dandelions, bluebells, wild roses, blackberries, and blades of grass in the spring. As the stockpile of snow melts in the highest elevations, a seemingly endless deluge of pure water flows generously and methodically through the many mountain streams as blindingly bright sunlight sparkles on its surface like so many golden coins.

These money spells are designed to help you tap into this natural flow and manifest abundance, so your life is filled with ease, contentment, luxury, and ever-increasing riches.

1. Clear Blocks to Prosperity

Do you have the sense you’re holding yourself back from receiving the abundant blessings the universe so dearly desires to bestow upon you? This money spell will help you clear blocks to wealth, such as negative beliefs, limiting family paradigms, paralyzing fears, past-life patterns, and internalized cultural messages.


  • A white candle and candle holder
  • 1/4 cup sea salt
  • A grapefruit, cut into eight pieces

On the full moon or when the moon is waning, draw a bath. Light the candle and turn out any electric lights. Add the salt and grapefruit to the bathwater and stir with your left hand in a counterclockwise direction for eight total rotations. Get into the water. Recline, relax deeply, and center yourself as you take some calming breaths.

When you feel ready, with great authority, say:

Glorious Goddess, God beloved,

Earth below and sky above,Assist me now as I releaseAll blocks to money, joy, and peace.I choose now to clearly seeThat you adore and treasure me.You love to share your gifts divineOf sustenance and luxuries fine.Old vows now break old patterns shift,As I with joy accept your gifts.With gratitude and love for thee,As I will it, so mote it be.

(It’s okay to have the chant written down to read while you soak.)

Continue to soak for around ten to twenty minutes, feeling your energy field receive an upgrade as old blocks to manifesting abundance fall away. Afterward, compost the grapefruit slices or place them on the earth to naturally biodegrade.

2. Expand Your Capacity for Wealth

We all have a preprogrammed set point for how much wealth we are prepared to receive, based on past-life experiences, family patterns, cultural programming, habit, and personal beliefs. That’s why so many lottery winners quickly find themselves at pretty much precisely the level of financial abundance they were experiencing before they won. But we can work magic to raise this set point, and we can do so throughout our lifetime! While we might expand our capacity for wealth at intervals (like digging a ditch deeper and deeper to allow more and more water to flow through it over time), there is ultimately no limit to how much we can allow ourselves to accept and receive.

This money magic will help you expand your capacity to receive wealth, and thereincrease your ability to manifest abundance.


  • A flower of life crystal grid cloth, around 12-18 inches 12-18 inches (This is cloth depicts the sacred geometry mandala called the flower of life. You can find one on Amazon and at some metaphysical supply stores, or make your own if you’re crafty like that.)
  • A stick or cone of sage incense and holder
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  • Your full name, written on a small round or radial-shaped piece of paper
  • 8 aventurine stones, cleansed in sunlight for 2-5 minutes
  • 8 shiny quarters, washed in salt water
  • Fresh rose petals of any color (optional)

On a Thursday or Sunday when the moon is waxing, play an uplifting piece of classical music that you like. Spread the cloth on a table and light the incense nearby. Center yourself as you take some deep breaths and come fully into the moment. Clearly and decisively set your intention saying simply and with great power:

I now connect with my infinite self and thank God / Goddess / All That Is for assisting me in opening up to a generous, endless, ever-expanding flow of wealth.

Hold the paper with your name written on it over the incense, bathing it in the smoke. Place it in the center of the flower of life mandala. Now take some time to arrange the aventurine stones and quarters around your name in a way that feels right, being sure to bathe each one in the incense smoke before you place it on the cloth. (It’s okay to rearrange them after you’ve placed each one initially.) If you’re working with rose petals as well, arrange them artfully around the outside of the mandala.

When it looks just the way you want it to, admire the beauty of what you’ve created as you feel joy and gratitude in your heart. Feel, sense, and know that your capacity for wealth is greatly expanding. Feel even more gratitude. Then say:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Blessed be. And so it is.

Leave the mandala artwork for at least twenty-four hours and up to fourteen days. Give the quarters away to a good cause, keep the aventurine stones and flower of life cloth for future magical use, recycle the paper, and scatter any rose petals outside where they can naturally biodegrade.

3. Transform Yourself into a Rich(er) Person

Financial abundance is relative. For example, most of us in the Western world are currently enjoying far more luxuries than the most pampered royals of eons past, who often had no running water, no central heat, few books, lots of fleas, and truly deplorable health care options. On the other hand, the spectrum of financial abundance is vast. In other words, we pretty much always have room to transform ourselves into an even richer person than we already are. This money spell will help you do that.


  • A brand new doormat that you love and that you imagine a rich(er) person would own. (Take your time to find the right one.)
  • A shiny silver dollar
  • A pinch of saffron
  • Essential oil of cinnamon and a small paintbrush (optional)

While the moon is waxing, remove your old doormat (if you have one) and thoroughly sweep your doorstep. Place your new doormat in front of your door. Place the silver dollar under it. Lightly crush the saffron between your fingers and scatter it under the doormat as well. Optionally, use the paintbrush to lightly brush a tiny bit of cinnamon oil on the front door. (Be careful not to let the oil touch your skin, as it can be irritating.)


By sun and moon, earth and sky,
This home’s rich resident is I!

Feel free to refresh this money magic sometimes if you’d like. Do so sweeping under and around the doormat, replacing the silver dollar, replacing the saffron (and optionally the cinnamon oil), and repeating the chant. Just keep it to no more than once per moon cycle.

Donate or discard your old doormat as appropriate.

I hope these money spells from You Are Magical help you manifest abundance and clear blocks to prosperity in your life.  Additional money spells found in this chapter includes Manifest a Particular Amount of Money and Call in a Constant Flow of Financial Abundance.

For an extra magical boost, tap into the vibration of prosperity, affluence, and positive financial flow with these empowering money affirmations for wealth and abundance.


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