15 Minute Manifestation v Quantum Manifestation Code Comparison Review

I am a huge fan of self-help products so this is a review article about comparing 15-minute manifestation v quantum manifestation code. With the rise of the internet, self-help products that were previously conducted in physical classrooms and print materials are now available online and in digital format at a fraction of the cost. These self-help focused online businesses have scaled their businesses using multiple internet channels. There are many affiliate marketplaces in the world of the internet. Clickbank is one of the legitimate and reliable digital retailers in the world with over 200 million customers. Most of the digital products there offering an average of 60 days full refund policy with no questions asked.

There are two products with the title of 15-Minute Manifestation – Blockbuster Personal Development and The Quantum Manifestation Code-New Law of Attraction, both of which I have tried and tested myself for its manifestation effects. Please note that the effects of manifestation differ from people to people and I will be comparing both of these products based on my personal experience. The first half will be a review of the 15-minute manifestation followed the review of the quantum manifestation code.

(A) 15-Minute Manifestation – Blockbuster Personal Development

It is a self-help product created Eddie Sergey to lift your spirit through the power of the 15-minute miracle. The product’s content is presented through an introductory 45 minutes clip which explains the power of manifestation. However, one thing to note that is more than half of the video clip is dedicated to persuading you to purchase and try their product. The video starts off very powerfully with a quote that made me felt that every day is a miracle
“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha

The package contains 4 MP3 audio soundtracks. Three of the tracks are about the program itself and one is a bonus track. Judging from the title of 15-Minute Manifestation, it means that you have to give 15 minutes daily to the audio clips, which are about 5 mins long each. The bonus clip is about how to have a better sleep experience. Therefore, to make the most of the money you paid for the program ($49 USD), I would say you would need 20 minutes a day for this.

This is a subatomic particle. This is what you are made of. This is also what reality is made of. This means that at a fundamental life, you and reality are actually the same thing. This is why 15-minute manifestation is so powerful because it creates miracles at this sub-atomic level.

There are 3 stages of the package regarding the evolution of personal development;

  1. Your natural state: This is the primary clip for altering the existing set of beliefs the client has. It is believed that the limiting beliefs are the main hindrance in executing manifestation. Therefore, it is vital to set the tone at the beginning of the effective utilization of the product. The initial audio is to prepare the human mind in what the producer wants you to believe in. It is quite a critical stage as far as the products success rate is concerned as it should prepare you to break the shackles to personally develop yourself.
  2. Your new story: This is the secondary audio clip which forms the middle stage of the program. After setting yourself free from the existing and limiting beliefs the stage is set for you to create your own story. This lets you believe that you can reach out to the inside of your own mind. It sets you free and to control your thought process.
  3. Moving towards abundance: This is the final stage which is the implementation stage of the program. This audio track teaches about the mechanism of law of attraction and its effect on your life. It provides information about how you can know that the law of attraction is working for you, so it can provide a follow-up check as well regarding the influence of this program in your life. It is the stage where you can reach out the visualization of your desires.
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In my opinion, the upsells in this product made a real difference in my life. This is because they are able to target very specific areas of my life that I would like to manifest. Even in terms of manifestation, I believe in the power of focus. After doing the general 15-minute manifestation to breakthrough and release all the deep-seated thoughts that will not let you go, I then progressed onto these soundtracks below. The only issue is that you cannot access these soundtracks without buying the basic manifestation. (I also would not recommend you to skip the basics of manifestation, but I strongly suggest you take the upsells of this product)

Power Up-sell 1: 15 Minute Money Magic – $67.00
Power Up-sell 2: 15 Minute Health Reboot – $47.00
Power Up-sell 3: 15 Minute Relationship Magic – $47.00

Pros of this product

  • The effects of manifestation can be felt quickly making changes at the subconscious level (No need for time-consuming techniques such as daily affirmations)
  • Feel positive throughout the day with less negative thoughts in a matter of 15 to 30 days (The changes are lasting due to the scientifically proven theta brainwave technology)

Cons of this product

  • Certainly not a one size fit all as everyone’s brain is slightly different. This means that the theta brainwave technology may not be effective for a small group of people as per all scientific research
  • One may expect results to happen solely because of manifestation and not putting in the usual effort and persistent for their goals
  • No offline program or 24 hours helpline

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(B) The Quantum Manifestation Code-New Law of Attraction

This is another wide appealing product which falls in many categories at the same time such as; personal development, self help, spirituality, and manifestation. Quantum Manifestation Code is a program based on the law of attraction explained quantum physics. The biggest and basic difference between 15-Minutes manifestation and this product is that prior is in audio format while the latter is in readable format.

 15 minute manifestation is in MP3 format, while Quantum Manifestation Code is in PDF ebook format

This product is backed the research findings of the University of Texas, Austin.  It has laid its foundation of quantum facts principles such as; The Higgs Boson Molecule and quantum superposition. It has also influenced the Christ and spirituality in great deal.

It is a well-structured program which takes the attention of reader up to 7 weeks. It is designed in such way that giving 7 weeks, reader would be able to maximize the potential of the product understanding the real potential of the latest quantum findings to help your desires to reach out to you.

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The verdict

Both products have their own merits backed with scientific research. You may wish to purchase both products and test them one after another if you have time and money to do so as all products works with varying effects on different people.

For example, I find 15 minute manifestation easier for me to consume due to the audio format, but it does not mean that quantum manifestation code does not work. I listen to the MP3 soundtrack on my way to work, and it fits my routine perfectly. I simply do not have additional time.

If you somewhat believe that religion may play a bigger part in the manifestation of your dreams, then the quantum manifestation code is a better product fit  for you. Afterall, what you believe in might be a strong indicator of which product might work better for you. However, the negative side of quantum manifestation code is that you need to finish the 7 weeks program before seeing the effects of manifestation, unlike the 15 minute miracle (Yes, I am slightly biased)

Furthermore, both products have similar initial price point. (USD $40+ range) Choose wisely based on your beliefs system, your time and daily routine will be the best bet to get the best manifestation results!

15 Minute Manifestation

Quantum Manifestation Code


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