Manifestation Process: How to Manifest Anything you Want?

Law of Attraction is being adopted millions of people, especially after the release of the book The Secret.  The most wonderful thing about this book is that it promises to change your life just changing the way you look at it.  Law of Attraction is all about changing your thoughts, views, spoken and unspoken words, negative energy, and negative opinions for self and life. The most important part of this concept is the manifestation process.

What is the manifestation process?

Let us not get the dictionary meaning of manifestation here, but define the process with regards to the  Law of Attraction. Manifestation process  is a way in which you create a ball of energy around you with positive affirmations and thoughts, align with the Universe, vibrate in your highest frequency and demand for what you want from The Creator. Yes – it is as simple as making a wish from any God or Goddess or Holy Figure you believe in. At the same time – it is as difficult as not understanding a heck of it.

Why does the manifestation process work?

The manifestation process works because you believe in it. If you are a spiritual person, you surely know the belief system (I will explain it in detail in another post)  that a person has. It is easy for you to influence someone’s behavior, attitude, and nature, but very difficult to influence his belief system. Unless a person wishes to change his belief, he can’t adopt the process of manifestation.

If someone believes the  manifestation process  is nothing but a hypothetical concept, the process simply won’t work for him. This is because he refuses to believe in the concept. When someone doesn’t believe in a particular thing, his confidence shakes when he attempts to do it. How can you expect the  manifestation process  to work when you simply refuse to believe in it? Those who know about this process and have used it appropriately to get what they desire are very well aware of the first step of it – believe. 

Of course, there are images and authors and researchers who state that believing is the second step in the manifestation process. They say that the manifestation process starts with asking, flourishes with believing and completes with receiving. However, I believe that unless a person believes in what he is asking for and has confidence in receiving it, his manifestation process doesn’t start at all. Even if there is one percent of doubt in his heart, he is just not able to manifest what he wishes to.

The Manifestation Process:

For me, there are six steps in the  manifestation process:

FIRST: BELIEVE – have faith in the concept of the manifestation process:

Believe in the process of manifestation and know that you will get what you want. Unless you start believing in the concept with all your heart, do not move to the second step of the manifestation process.  Work on your belief system; have no doubts or fears or questions. Before you move to the second step, ensure you believe in the process and what you want. The more you believe in the process and in yourself, the more confident you are about transforming your desire into reality.

SECOND: DEMAND – ask for what you want: 

Instead of begging, demand for what you want. Know that the Universe is listening. You don’t have to sound like you are begging for what you want. In the manifestation process,  the trickiest thing is that you have to believe that you deserve what you want. When you know that you are worth achieving something, you simply get it.


THIRD: CONCENTRATE – focus on your desire:

Go lucid… daydream… keep thinking about what you want and reach a stage where you feel like you already have it. I know this sounds crazy and difficult, but it is not impossible to believe that you already have what you want. Simply imagine how you would feel when your wish will be granted. When you imagine achieving your desire, you are in your highest vibration. That’s exactly when the Universe accepts your desire.

Ensure to focus on one desire at a time.

FOURTH: MEDITATE – enter into the Universe with the help of your Third Eye:

Have you ever entered into the Universe? The truth is, the Universe is right within you. I believe that the manifestation process states that you need to ask for what you want from yourself. When you loyally want something, you dedicate yourself to achieve it. Meditate on your Third Eye, enter into the Universe within you, and feel the magic happening in your conscious life.

FIFTH: SURRENDER – leave your desire in the hands of the Universe:

manifestation process

Once you enter into the Universe that lies within you, the next step in the manifestation process is to surrender. Let go of what you want. Here’s what I do most of the times:

Imagine a transparent ball of energy between your hands (Qi or Chi Ball). Put all of your energies to imagine yourself achieving your desire within this ball. Once you have a clear picture of achieving what you want, let go of this ball and surrender it to the Universe. See the Universe taking the ball into its Third Eye (I usually imagine a transparent figure in the Universe grasping the energy ball into his Third Eye). 

SIXTH: THANK THE UNIVERSE – the attitude of gratitude is very important:

Join your hands and thank the universe in advance. This is the most important part of the manifestation process.  When you thank the universe, it works in double-speed to help you achieve your desires.

Why do People FAIL in the manifestation process?

Even though millions of people try the  manifestation process,  there are only a handful of people who actually transform their imagination into reality.

The reason why most people fail in the manifestation process is that they only imagine and don’t’  work for it. The Universe can not only hear you but also see you. You not only have to believe that you will achieve it but also work on achieving it. When the Universe sends ideas into your head or people into your life, tap them. You have to ensure to act upon the things that you want.

For an instance, if you want to be an actor, you can’t expect yourself to be one just believing in it. You have to go to different auditions, rehearse, increase your network socializing, and do other such things to achieve your goal.

I hope this article on the manifestation process helps you achieve what you desire.

Manifestation Magic – Love and Light.

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