How to Attract Money & Manifest Abundance

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“The law of prosperity is not governed the law of selfishness, but the law of unselfishness.”  ~ Paramhansa Yogananda

One of the most controversial subjects in our society is that of money. Money is not only a very sensitive topic that hits a raw nerve with most people but also something around which we have built a lot of limiting beliefs.

Most of us have grown up in families where the scarcity mindset was inculcated in us at a very early age. We were taught to live with the illusion that we must fight for our share and that there isn’t enough available for everyone.

I have always wondered how it is that one person struggles to make a dollar a day while another can make a million dollars in a few hours. From my own observations, I have come to realize that the answer to this is two-fold.

You Get What You Believe You Deserve

First of all, the person who is struggling to make a dollar a day does not believe that it is possible for him to make more money than what he is being paid for currently. Of course, I am not undermining the importance of social and economic limitations that he might have. However, keep in mind that there are many rags to riches story. What is it that distinguished some people to trespass all the limitations they had been born into? Again, that’s the power of belief. They believed they could do it, and hence, they did it!

Right now, there is no way that the poor person in our example can make himself believe that it is possible to make a million dollars in a couple of hours or in a day.

The other person who is easily making a million dollars believes that he deserves what he is getting. He has firm faith in his ability to attract money and create abundance. He believes that it is possible for a person to make as much money as he wishes through the right mindset, hard-work, and persistence.

You Get Paid in Proportion to the Value that You Create

People who live with the poverty mindset are a tad too preoccupied with the idea of making money. The person who is struggling to earn a dollar a day is likely doing work that a lot of people can do. Hence, his labor/services are easily replaceable. Since there are a lot of people offering the same services, the cost of those services is also extremely competitive.

The millionaire, on the other hand, is doing something that is unique and not so easily replaceable. He is creating value for the world. For instance, he might have created an app that helps people get instantly connected with healthcare professionals to discuss their health-related concerns. While the market might be competitive, the services he is offering are still unique.

The poor person is trying hard to grab hold of a little money – thanks to the scarcity mindset. The millionaire is busy striving to make this world a better place serving others.

The irony of life is that when you are running after something, it is bound to elude you. But when you let go of your desires and simply choose to take the noble path of doing what you must do, that’s when everything you ever wanted comes to you on its own.

You must be motivated higher ideals and at the same time, you must learn how to be the very best in your profession.

Suggestions to Manifest Financial Abundance


Here’s how you can master the game of money and prosperity.

Love Your Work and Create Value – There’s Really No Alternative to This

Either make yourself fall in love with the work you are already doing or find your passion in life and turn that into your profession. You can never be truly successful at something you don’t like doing.

The key to making a lot of money from your profession is to focus solely on serving others and creating value for them. Money will come on its own.

Religiously Track of Your Income and Expenses

Spend less than you earn. Note down every single expense you make and keep track of your earnings. All successful people do this.

Adopt an Effective Money Management System and Stick to It

T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind has a brilliant formula for managing money. He advocates dividing your earnings into five parts – 55% for necessities, 10% for education (making yourself better at your profession, developing life skills, etc.), 10% for play (doing something for fun without harboring any guilt), another 10% goes towards long-term savings for spending, remaining 10% towards your financial freedom account, and 5% towards charity.

Of course, you can change the percentage depending upon what works best for you.

A lot of people have reservations when it comes to giving any money away. You have to realize that it is ample in the Universe for everyone. The only reason why one person is poor and another one is rich is because the poor person hasn’t learned the art of tapping into this Universe’s infinite supply.

Whatever you give away comes back to you multiplied. The very act of giving something away helps you move beyond the scarcity mindset. You realize that even after giving something away you still have ample for your needs. It might take time, but the money will surely come back to you multiplied.

I would highly recommend that you read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind to better understand all the concepts mentioned above, especially the notion of financial freedom and how to create it.

Believe that You Deserve to be Paid Handsomely for the Work that You are Doing

A lot of times people don’t believe in the services they are providing. They undervalue their own skills and talents. When creating abundance, belief is the most indispensable component. If you don’t believe you deserve something, then you will turn away the prosperity that is knocking at your door right now.

Hence, pay attention to your self-talk, identify all the limiting beliefs you have around money and replace them with positive affirmative statements. For instance, if you constantly find yourself thinking or saying, “Oh I can’t afford this.” Replace that with, “I can afford this. Might take me a little time – but I know I can afford this.”

If you believe you will be able to afford whatever you want, you will work towards acquiring the money that is needed. If you can persist long enough, then it will surely come to you.

Never forget that the Universe has an infinite supply of prosperity – all you have to do is master the skill of attracting it at will. Hence, don’t let your mind, your family, society or anybody else make you believe that there isn’t ample available in the Universe for everyone.

Once you change your relationship with money read How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Money and Financial Success.

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