Sound Healing Help With Depression

Sound healing has become a buzzword as more and more people are trying it out and experiencing its benefits. Not to mention, the number of celebrities who swore by the wonderful effects of sound healing. Sound is believed to help with physical, emotion, and mental states. One of the most talked- about mental issues today


Let Go Of Clutters Spiritually And Manifest

Whenever we see images or pictures of beautiful homes we also start dreaming to create and possess similar kinds of beauty for ourselves. We also want to have a more tranquil and beautiful home, by decluttering our space. In fact, decluttering is also a process of Spiritual Growth! What more, Manifesting also becomes easier when

Healing Sounds of Animals

The chirping of the birds, the sound of the whale, and even the cat’s purr carry sound healing effects to humans. The sound that birds make can help bring mental clarity, while the sound of water can entrain the brain to a state of calmness. We all know that animals use sounds to communicate with

Influence Of Sound On The Brain

We all know how powerful sound is. The question is, why? It’s all about how it affects the brain and triggers our emotions. How Sound Is Perceived By The Brain The brain processes what we hear in waves. It translates impulses from the ear into sounds that we know and understand. When we hear, sound

Sound Healing Method To Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever tried manifesting through sound? 🔉 Sound healing has been used for many centuries as therapy. It dates back to ancient Greece. 🇬🇷 Sound healing from the Greek “Art of the Muses.” They are the goddesses who inspired literature, art, and the knowledge of mankind. Music 🎵 is part of us — it

Sound Healing System

Have you considered understanding Cymatics for healing? If you don’t know much about it yet, then you’ve come to the right page. I’m a huge believer of sound healing and I know that if you want to release your blockages and any negativity, you have to first understand it first. Sound healing is closely tied

Manifesting Abundance Starts With You

When “The Secret” introduced the laws of attraction and manifestation, I jumped up in excitement.  Caught up in the whirlwind of the manifestation phenomenon, I was hooked. I could just see all of it—- My new house, the millions of dollars, new cars, clothes.  You know how it goes…  So, patiently I waited….and waited…and nothing

Fall In Love With Life

I truly love life.Sometimes I’m sillySometimes I get overly excited.And sometimes I’m a dorkSometimes I make mistakesMost of the time, I live from the heart place of love (as best I can). Sometimes life sucksSometimes it’s hard Sometimes it is easySometimes it’s crazy amazing This is life! One thing is for sure … we must

The Secret Key To Start Manifesting Like Crazy

Can you imagine? …  Waking up every morning in the home of your dreams Finding love and romance with your perfect partner Having the success you’ve always craved Being able to provide for your loved ones And knowing you have the health and vitality to enjoy every single second of it! Sometimes these are hard

A Life Changing Story

I am sharing with you an email below received from my friend Croix Sather. It can bring about an amazing change in your life. Read on ….. I met a man today. He grew up in the hood and has been in and out of prison all his life. He has had drug problems since