Do Not Self-Sabotage From An Opportunity To Attract Abundance

“Will this work for me?”

“Why is this different when everything else failed?”

“Can Manifestation Magic change my life in 24 hours?”

I receive these kind of questions every day, from people from all over the world.

They want to change things. But because they’ve failed in the past, they are cautious they’re also very skeptical.

Some spent thousands of dollars on LoA programs. None of these worked for them. This left them disappointed and broke.

So most are skeptical.

If I’d be in their place, If I’d spent thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it, I’d be skeptical too.

Most of these questions however are not real. You see, no matter what I answer, they’ve decided a long time ago this will not work. So even with the best intentions, I can’t help them.

There was this one email though that really attracted my attention.

“It is UNBELIEVABLE. There are so many almost the same promo text from many vendors, maybe thousands. And I have HUGE experience: 99.999% from all the promo text are lies, the second big ones, after the politicians (the second I know professionally).”

It’s true. Gurus filled the Internet with dishonesty and misinformation. There are many people making huge claims just to sell their products.

They’re not out help you. They’re after your money.

There’s one thing to understand though.

While there are many of these types of programs out there, even the few products that are genuine and do work will be ineffective if you “decide” it must be.

If your dominant feelings are of skepticism and of negativism, if you feel it won’t work then the Universe ensures that it doesn’t work.

If you approach Manifestation Magic as it won’t work – guess what? It won’t work. This is true about everything else you’ll do in life.

Love happens when you believe someone loves you.

You manifest wealth when you believe in wealth.

Successful people first feel blessed and fortunate and then the universe manifests their good fortune. Poor people expect the manifestation first and then decide to operate on a higher frequency.

I’m sorry.

This is not how the universe works.

And again, some programs do suck. Some programs don’t work.

But if you approach this with an air of skepticism, then nothing will ever work for you, from me or from anyone else.

If you see the universe as a friendly place, it will be one. If you see it as a dangerous one, it will be one too.

So before blaming others that nothing works, ask yourself if you’re giving it a chance and letting it work for you. A closed heart (or a ready to close heart) is like a safe door that protects you against the blessings and miracles of this life.

Is Manifestation Program the only program out there that helps you manifest the miracles you want?


There are many good programs out there.

However, Manifestation Magic is unique and special in a few regards. Here are just some of them:

#1 – You’ll enjoy the 432 HZ and the Solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies will heal your heart and mind. They’ll help your brain operate at a higher frequency which will help you attract what you truly desire in your life.

#2 – You’ll become a better self through the special NLP language. You’ll be more confident. You’ll be more focused. You’ll be more powerful and you’ll achieve all of this through the hidden subliminal messaging found in the tracks.

#3 – You’ll be able to do it with less effort. No need to complete any workbook or any exercises. Just play these files on your phone or computer, plug-in a pair of headsets and let them work their magic.

#4 – You’ll benefit from my unique 24 hour guarantee. If within 24 hours of first using the program, you don’t see your “neon sign” that wealth is on it’s way, I insist you ask for a full refund.

#5 – You can use it even if you are a complete beginner. Most programs are focused on those who have extensive experience manifesting. These are people who invested thousands of hours into elevating their consciousness already. Manifestation Magic works whether you are a true enlightened spirit or if you are a complete beginner.

#6 – Enjoy the same results that have helped thousands of people. Manifestation Magic helped students, single mothers, couples, elders, patients, athletes, business owners, and people from all walks of life. It helped manifest health, wealth, and happiness in more circumstances than I can name.

#7 – Whatever you want to manifest – It’s coming. If it’s a big massive goal and you want a million dollars, it may take time for the Universe to align people and the circumstances required for this to happen. If it’s something small for instance $100 in cash, it may happen instantly. Just stay focused on the audio tracks and be persistent. The Universe always rewards.

If you want to try it out, go here to put ManifestationMagic to the test and receive my 100% risk-free 24 hour manifestation guarantee.

You can test drive it for 60 days and should you decide to return it, just shoot me an email and I’ll gladly return back your investment.

By Alexander J. Wilson – Creator of Manifestation Magic


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