How To Reshape Your Energetic Frequency

Your energy is literally being shaped by the events of your life, by the people around you and by your responses to everything you experience.

Fear, shame, sadness, anxiety, happiness, joy, acceptance, rejection … every emotion creates an energetic memory.

That energetic memory is triggered when you encounter a similar situation in the future in the same way that a familiar smell can trigger a memory in the brain.

How you react or respond will depend on your need to either avoid feeling the emotion or to experience it again.

Emotion shapes your thoughts, it shapes your responses, it shapes your behaviour and it shapes your choices.

Emotion is the motivator for everything.

It is literally energy in motion.

  • It’s why the same type of people have been repeatedly showing up in your life
  • It’s why your body has returned to the same size over and over again no matter how many diets you’ve tried.
  • It’s why you’ve struggled to break through to a higher income bracket.
  • It’s why changing your thoughts, thinking positive and visualizing what you want hasn’t worked for you.

If you’re visualizing financial abundance but your energy has the imprint of poverty… you will manifest more money struggles

>>>Here is how to reshape your energetic frequency<<


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