We Attract What We Think About

Buddha said, “We become what we think.”

Many of you will say that it is not true because you had wished for something once and it didn’t happen. Let me ask, how do you expect to be trim and healthy if you consume fatty foods all the time? You keep doing something and expect a result for something else which you should have actually done!

This is a law that works whether you realize it or not. Whether you believe it or not. It’s a law that never fails.

If you keep having negative thoughts all the time then you are going to attract negative things. And one fine day you suddenly become positive or stay positive for a week, do not expect immediate results as the universe will not believe you, at least not immediately.

Coming back to Buddha’s quote, thinking is one of the ingredients, the other one being emotion.

Thinking is one part of a magical recipe. The other ingredient is an emotion because when you feel the emotions in your thought process, you send out vibrations that the universe can easily detect. So thinking alone will not attract the things you want in your life.

When you believe in the process it gives power to your thoughts and emotions. This makes it possible to align with what you want and achieve your desired results.

Now imagine a situation where something unwanted happens, and you blurt out loud asking why it’s always happening to you. Here you are actually using your intense emotions and directing a thought process to the universe for bad things to happen. So the universe is going to bring more problems, and misfortune because that is what you feel and believe.

On the contrary, had you thought with gratitude and feel it that it wasn’t all that worse, and you actually felt and meant it, then the universe is going to reward you more blessings.

You may debate how can you be grateful for something like an accident, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or any other intense experience. Yes, you are right, however, how you respond after the initial moments is up to you. Choosing how to feel and share your experience by telling your friends or relatives is in your hands. Try to choose an empowering interpretation of the event.

To live and enjoy a better life we must align our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. This will bring about a dramatic improvement in our life in the days to come. With regular and consistent practice you can easily master the skills.

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