Signs The Law of Attraction is working for YOU

This is how you know, that manifestation is working for you.

Sometimes it takes a little time for you to be able to see, touch, and feel what you are manifesting into your life. That doesn’t mean it is not already on its way.

Here are the 3 biggest signs the Law of Manifestation is already working for you. So when you see these, have faith … the money, soul mate, new job, or life transformation is on its way.

1 – You see repeating patterns.

You see a strong increase in repeating or sequential numbers like 11:11, 777, 1234, 4767. The numbers are often there because the universe always has your back, but the frequency increases.

2 – Creature sightings

Butterflies, dragonflies, hawks, flowers, herbs, or food. When I see a black & white cookie, that’s a sign to me from my brother. Blue butterflies make the hair on my arms stand up. These are my signs. What are yours?

3 – Your intuition, emotion, and/or inspiration is in hyperdrive.

You feel extra great, creative, happy, productive, or other feel-good emotions and activities. This is the universe feeding fuel to your fire. Don’t question it, run with it.

Bonus Sign:

Money, money, money! Show me the money.

When you are manifesting money, wealth, saving, business or any other type of money windfall, you will see and find positive signs with a hyper increased frequency.

That penny on the ground is not just a penny, it’s also a sign.

A surprise check in the mail, yup, that too.

Unexpectedly get a discount on something you were already going to buy and need, it’s another sign.

Synchronicity Accelerates:

You meet the perfect person at the right time or the right sign at the right moment.

This may be a job, personal, opportunity, or spiritual connection. If this is aligned with positive emotion, don’t hesitate, take action.

There are many more ways to know if you are already manifesting. And many ways to accelerate your manifestation powers. And when you combine them … the magic happens.

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