Signs From The Universe

Throughout our lives we often experience signs from the universe. They come to us in different ways and for different reasons, but they’re always something that we need to hear to compel change. Learn how to watch for signs and what you can do with them.

Have you ever mulled over an important choice, such as ending a relationship, only to have a strange “coincidence” or two appear that seemed to point you in the right direction? Perhaps you got into your car, turned on the ignition, and the song “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was playing on the radio. Or an ad for a matchmaking service unexpectedly arrived in your inbox. Maybe you ran into an old friend who informed you they were relieved to have ended a relationship that was going nowhere. Sound familiar? These are examples of sacred signs.

Divine messages
Signs are messages from the universe that often come when we least expect them. However, they generally appear when we need them the most! You’ll attract a sacred sign when you’re focused on a choice, when you have a question that’s been on your mind, or when you need clarity about something. The very act of focusing sets up an energetic “broadcast” that will evoke a response from the universe.

Fortunately, consciously asking for a sign will get the attention of the divine as well. And it doesn’t take a special talent to ask for and receive a sign. You just need a concise and sincere question, the openness to receiving an answer, the awareness to perceive the sign and the willingness to act upon the message.

An immediate reply
Here’s a striking example of how a sign can provide guidance. Recently, after the last stock market tumble, I was in a quandary over whether to liquidate my mother’s stock portfolio. Feeling like I needed a sign, I asked, “Is it in my mother’s best interests to leave her money in stocks?” Feeling restless, I decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood. As I walked across the porch and down the stairs outside my condo, I saw, to my surprise, a note slipped under the outer door. This immediately got my attention. The president of the homeowner’s association had written to ask me to remove the lavender bush I’d planted because it was blocking a sprinkler. I could plant it somewhere else, she said. This request would have annoyed me except that it was obviously the sign I had asked for. I was to “uproot” my mother’s stock portfolio and put her money elsewhere.

Guide to seeing signs
To become adept at manifesting sacred signs of your own, follow these 6 simple steps.

1. Ask for it
Forming a concise statement that includes one inquiry at a time is crucial. The clearer you are in what you ask, the clearer the answer will be. To simplify things, a question that requires a yes or no answer is best, at least until you become skilled at reading signs. For instance, you might say, “Send me a sign that moving to Los Angeles fulfills the highest good for all concerned.” Another example would be, “Send me a sign that staying in my relationship fulfills the highest good for all concerned.” Conversely, you can phrase the request as, “Send me a sign that leaving my relationship…” You get it!

It’s essential to remain neutral about the question – no fair trying to influence the powers that be toward the answer you want! Plus, you’ll need to accept the answer you get, which will be aligned with your true destiny. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

2. Timing
Also, it’s appropriate to set a timeframe for the sign to appear. For instance, you might ask, “Send me a sign within the next 24 hours . . .” And if you have a favorite symbol, you can ask for that symbol to be the sign. You might say, “Send me rose as a sign that I should…” Just remember, it may not be an actual rose that comes your way, but instead a representation of a rose in a photo, postage stamp or lyrics.

3. Watch for it
Spotting a sign takes a high level of awareness. You need to keep your eyes open. Signs can take just about any form. As mentioned above, they can be a song on the radio or an email message. They can come through a person, a show, a dream, or just via something that suddenly catches your attention. Actually, the latter is a common way that signs present themselves. So be on the alert for anything out of the ordinary, especially if you intuitively link the incident or object with your question. Look for synchronistic events as well, like running into your kid’s art teacher at the market, just when you were thinking of taking art classes yourself.

Also, when the Sign appears, note your feelings about it, which tell you if the Sign is a green light to “go for it” or a stop sign to “halt and desist” what you’re doing or planning. It’s also perfectly fine to ask for clarity. If you receive a sign, and you’re not sure what it means, ask for another sign to clarify the answer. But what if you don’t receive a sign? Actually, not receiving a sign is a sign. If you ask if Ben is the right guy for you, and no sign appears, then the answer is no.

4. Believe it
For those unused to being guided in this way, it’s common to wonder if the sign that appears is truly a sign. You may also wonder if you have the skill to interpret it. Rest assured that the universe will send you signs that are easily recognizable for you. Just try not to rationalize away the sign and its message. Logic, however, can help you analyze and interpret what the sign is telling you. If you mix your intuition with clear-headed analysis, you’ll get the message.

5. Act on it
Perhaps the biggest leap of faith is actually acting upon the message. What is the good of asking for a sign if you don’t heed its message? Just don’t do anything drastic unless you’re very sure you’re interpreting the message correctly. That takes practice and keen inner awareness. Also, if you get a negative reply, it may be that what you’re wanting is appropriate for you, but the timing is off. The future may present another opportunity to go for it.

6. Be thankful for it
One more thing: Be sure to thank the divine for the guidance. Gratitude opens your heart to attracting positive events, circumstances and people into your life. It will also open the door to more sacred signs from the universe.

So be clear about what you need to know and ask for a sign. Then watch your world for any signs that come through – and be thankful for the guidance. With a little practice, signs will become a natural way for you to communicate with the universe.

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