Seeing Repeating Numbers – This Is Why

Quite often you must have come across a situation where you keep seeing repeated numbers several times in a day or you are thinking about something and that matter suddenly gets raised as a topic of discussion. Perhaps you are thinking of somebody, and that somebody calls you immediately, etc.

These signs are either coincidences or signs of synchronicity.

What is the difference, you may ask? Well, Coincidence is something more accidental, while Synchronicity is not.

Coincidence is something that happens on the outside, that which you think inside. Synchronicity is
something that happens on the outside, connected to some other aspect in your life, with no provable reason for its occurrence.

Sometimes Synchronicity can occur coincidentally!

Whenever synchronicities happen in your life, it is an indication for you to choose the right path. It’s a prompt or guidance from the Universe to take a particular direction that would be the best way to fulfill your desires and aspirations. The universe is always speaking to us in so many ways. One of them is through numbers.

Let us have a look at some of the forms of synchronicities that the Universe sends you. Such signs in your life might come through particular interactions with people, or they might be seen in numbers, symbols, or types of opportunities.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are numbers that are repeated, for example, 222, 11:11, 333, 999, 77, etc. These are directly linked to Numerology as well. Whenever you see repeating numbers, they are signs from your guardian angels. Seeing repeated numbers is also considered by some to be signs of guidance from the future.

When a repeated number keeps showing up, there’s no doubt that it comes with an intentional spiritual message. This type of message doesn’t have an individual purpose, but rather a collective one.

It is worth noting down repeated numbers whenever you see them’

If the same numbers appear to you repeatedly over a short period of time, and your gut feeling tells you that this is more than just a coincidence, listen to your intuition. It is very likely that Angels are trying to send you a message that will help you along your life’s path.


You normally see these are usually seen in dreams and sometimes in real life. If you can remember your dream in the morning when you wake up, take note of it.
Dream symbols can be people, animals, places, objects, or visual patterns.
In your waking life, you may also encounter these symbols, which often have relatively apparent meanings.


There are occasions when you see a person over and over again. Sometimes it could be a person whom you know, someone from your past, or maybe a total stranger.

When you’re thinking about somebody and then you see them or they get in touch then this is usually a sign that you have a deep energetic connection with this person.

Tune into synchronicity and you will notice the signs start to appear. Synchronicity symbols are particularly commonly seen in dreams. Synchronicities are useful because they guide you in your everyday life and point you in the right direction.

On the deepest level of our mind, we are vibrationally connected to everything. It is the vibrational mind that keeps attracting a number or set of numbers.

When you start seeing repeated numbers like 777 or 1111 or when you see the same number all the time like 127 or 4767, it is your vibrational mind tapping into a frequency that is meant just for you. It’s not just numbers. it’s also butterflies, flowers, and words. Something that you see over and over.

These aren’t random coincidences. Science proves that your brain vibrates at different frequencies depending on what you are thinking about … consciously or sub-consciously and vibrationally.

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