Raise Your Vibration And Manifest

It’s time to release old habits, behaviors, and negative patterns to create space for change and a new way of doing things.

This takes discipline, focus, and most of all desire. You may need to tolerate some level of discomfort in the process.

But if you are willing you can use this time to make some serious progress towards things you have been dreaming about for years.

Raise your vibration fast. Some good ways of doing so are as follows:

  • Meditate
  • Listen to uplifting music and dance!
  • Drink water/ eat plant-based.
  • Gratitude List
  • Laugh!
  • Create something
  • Walk-in nature
  • Remember that attempting to be positive is not the same as actually being true to how you are feeling. You cannot suddenly feel happy if you have been feeling scared, sad, and depressed.

    Go slowly up the emotional scale and don’t run away from discomfort. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and do what is true for you.

    Just do your best to improve your mood at the moment.

    Our vibrations peak at their highest when we are actually being authentic to how we feel, connected to ourselves on a deep level.

    Discover the Manifestation Magic.