Why do marriages fall apart?

Issues with communication are the main cause.

Unquestionably, men and women are different from one another. They have different communication preferences and emotional demands.

For example,

A woman’s “I’m fine” declaration…

Actually, she is saying, “No, I am NOT fine.”


Here’s one more.

“Ignore it,”

… when what she really means is, “I’m disappointed you don’t get me.”

How on earth can men ever comprehend women, then?

Dr. John Gray wrote this book for these reasons: Men are descended from Mars, while women are from Venus.

…to make men and women more aware of how their communication styles can differ from one another.

Knowing the tricks of communication is necessary. To dance to the beat of intimacy notes in a relationship without disputes.

It’s the same with manifestation.

I’ll tell you what,

Your unconscious self is the most potent force ever known to exist. Your world is created it using the perceptions and beliefs that were encoded into it.


So, The most important step in the manifestation process is learning how to program your subconscious mind. By doing this, you’ll become an expert at communicating with the universe to draw things to you.

… your devoted sweetheart

… wealth to pour incessantly

… and more.

Reprogram your subconscious mind in just 60 seconds! All you need to enter your manifestation magic world is a pair of headphones.

Nobody enjoys feeling insignificant and inadequate.

And the reality is…

You can change your perspective to “I deserve abundance”… in a lot less time than you had anticipated.

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