Manifestation Only Works When You Do This

This is where many people fall short in using the Law of Manifestation. And it’s not just manifesting, but life in general. 

Here is one of The Hidden Law of Manifestation. 

You have the power to manifest anything you want. It’s already in you. You simply need to turn it on and turn it up. It’s like tuning in to a TV program. You turn on the TV, pick a cable channel, and watch the show. 

Choose what you want to manifest, tune into that channel and start manifesting. 

The challenge for most people, and maybe even you in the past, is that you are not tuning into the programs of wealth and abundance. Happiness, love, and joy. But you can easily change that channel of lack to a channel of abundance.

Have you ever mindlessly flipped through hundreds of cable TV channels only to realize that there isn’t anything good to watch. So you settle on something that you are not really thrilled with. It’s okay, but you really wish there was something better.

Well, that’s how many people go through life. They settle for watching a program of their life that they do not love because they do not know that they have the power to change it.

Want to tune into wealth and more money? Tune into the universal wealth vibration channel. Want to tune into joy and happiness? Tune into happiness and joy vibration channel. Want to tune into and find your soul mate? Then tune into the soul mate vibration channel.

But here is the part that most people don’t do and it keeps them struggling and repelling the thing they want. They don’t believe! They don’t have faith!

You must have or build your faith so that manifesting what you want becomes inevitable. Then it is not … if it will happen … but when. 

When you tune in to the exact things we want and develop the faith to manifest it, then the thing you want becomes inevitable. If not, then we end up with whatever we stumble across. That’s usually nothing like what you want. 

One Of The Hidden Laws of Manifestation is – Unwavering Faith. 

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Learn to tap into your manifestation powers.