Make Your Spiritual Journey Much Easier

One of the best ways to learn things is to listen to stories what other people tell you.

Why? Usually, memory sticks when one can really feel one’s emotions. One of the most truthful remarks is, “People usually don’t remember exactly what happened, but they do remember how they felt about it.”

This is emotional or It shows that emotions stand in our brains. Storytelling is a great way to learn from the experience of others without living on your own. Once you’ve learned spirituality, you’ll find patterns. Deep spiritual people have some sort of “dark” past that they had to experience in order to reach the spiritual maturity they are in.

This stage of people’s lives is called in many different things: face the shadows, the dark nights of the soul, the work of the mirror, the work of the shadows, and the list continues …

We want to achieve Is that spirituality is not “not all” love and light, “everyone likes to think that there is, so it is done to reveal the true purpose of your soul. There is a real job to do.

What is the dark night of the soul? Have you ever heard of an experience that we are not always proud of? Perhaps these memories are that it happened that you never thought about it again and pushed them out of your conscious experience. Or, because they have had a great impact on you, your reaction to a particular situation in your current life comes from the subconscious, learned behavior of your past.

In any case, the dark nights and shadows of the soul that everyone unknowingly tries to avoid will bring it to light. You see, this process is an important part of revealing your true soul intent. Why?

How can we really know ourselves without facing these buried experiences that we don’t want to talk about? An important element of manifestation that most people miss is the fundamental responsibility of where you are now in your life, to manifest the life your soul really wants to live in the area.

It means that you have to bear. Without extreme accountability, you cannot know what you need to do to reach your full potential. This is not an easy task. In fact, our brains are connected by the reaction of fighting or fleeing. That is, when the brain senses an imminent threat, it either fools into fighting or fleeing.

We are here to ensure that the growing pain you may experience on this spiritual path is not only absolutely necessary, but also universal and spiritually intended. ..

How to overcome the dark nights of the soul and illuminate the light?

We talked about the body’s natural reaction to the work of shadows: fighting or fleeing. So the first step in conquering this important part of your soul path is to consciously approach it. This means that you need to be aware and accept that you are about to immerse yourself.

As mentioned above, this is not an easy task. And to make it even more attractive, you not only have one of these “Phoenix Moments”, but continue to experience it to get closer and closer to your higher self. Don’t let this discourage you. Keep in mind that as long as you are reincarnated in this area, there is always work to do.


Why don’t you want to learn the easiest way to incorporate shadow work into your life in ? If the first reaction when faced with the subconscious shadow self is to counterattack and cause havoc, it is imperative not to be overwhelmed by fear. This is also not easy, but it is necessary. When we react from fear, we are more likely to cut off and destroy the relationships around us that actually support the path of our soul. To avoid this, recognize that you are upset and try to find a trigger in that situation.

Why was it triggered? Do you act from emotions? Is the confusion that occurs really in line with your best self? These are the types of questions that can calm you down and give you a different perspective. If your first reaction is to escape, when faced with your shadow subconscious self, you also need to work on not acting out of fear.

Not as easy as the flight answer above, but as needed. When we run away for fear of something, it’s more likely that we’re just interfering with things in our lives, where we’ve worked hard to reveal. To avoid this, think about the big picture.

All you want is the fear of the other side. Remember, isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for? Do you feel fit for the life you are revealing? These are some of the ideas you can get back when you escape the challenge. Your soul knows what is best for you, don’t fight it!

Sometimes, as we approach our true goals, certain situations appear before us that help us reach the next stage of our lives. Some people naturally try to overcome the hurdle of sitting in the same place, while others try to overcome it, but none of these approaches are the best way to overcome the challenge.

As in all cases, your strength will increase over time as you overcome the hurdles of life. If you know some about yourself. Your natural talents and possible uses can make your “training” much easier.

Whether you are ready to reveal the life your soul longs for, or whether you are facing a shadow job, learning about your soul path is for you to these We will reveal a lot about you, including how to deal with the situation.

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You will be amazed that your soul is better equipped than you could have imagined.

The point is, whether you ready to do the work to manifest the life that you truly desire?

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