The frustration of not losing weight or keeping it off is real and so very common. If that is you, then you are likely the type to follow one diet after another, and you may even buy gym memberships not to use them in the end. Why? You don’t want to head to the gym when it is rainy, cold, or late, and you are too tired. You want to lose weight, but you also feel like there is no point because you will not be successful with it – so you think. Did you know that thinking that way about weight loss is dangerous? It is scary because you are setting yourself up for failure.

You will lower your vibration when you believe that you will not be successful with your weight loss efforts because they have not worked for you in the past. Because you think you will not be successful with it, you tell the Universe that you expect to fail again if you attempt to lose weight. Unfortunately, that is what keeps happening to you. The good news is that you no longer have to expect yourself to fail with your weight loss efforts. You can lose the weight you want and have the body you have always wished for if you can make the Law of Attraction work for you!

How You Can Manifest The Body You Want

The essential thing to know when it comes to the Law of Attraction and weight loss is that if you can get yourself up to a high frequency when it comes to weight loss, then the Universe will help you attain that! So how do you increase your vibration so you can be successful with your weight loss efforts and keep the weight off for good once you achieve them? It all begins with you changing your mindset and belief system. You will have to start challenging yourself with your thinking and beliefs. That means you will have to work at quelling any self-doubt you feel about your weight loss efforts, and you achieve that body you want!

When you think of your previous weight loss failures, you only feel that you did not know how the Law of Attraction worked. And then now, you know you can attain success because you know how to make the Law of Attraction work on your side. Remember that when it comes to manifestation and the Law of Attraction, it is all about the things you focus on expanding.

Therefore, if you focus on not being successful with your weight loss goals, then that is what you will receive. However, if you focus on success, you will attain that! Now that you know that you will increase your vibration changing your mindset, other tactics will help you succeed in your weight loss goals.

Visualize Yourself Having The Body You Want

Visualization is a critical part of the manifestation process because you will see yourself as having the body you want now! When you visualize yourself with your new body, you will want to act as if you have achieved it now. Don’t look into the future. Focus on the now. Visualize how you feel and how happy you reached your weight loss goal. For example, imagine yourself going to clothing shops and trying on more petite size jeans or tops. How do you feel when you do that? You are ecstatic, and you will want to hang onto that feeling. Hold it because it will increase your vibration and help the Universe deliver the body you want! That is the first step. You will want to do these visualization exercises for anywhere from five to 15 minutes a day. You can do it in the morning or the evening after going to bed. The second step is utilizing the power of affirmations.


Weight Loss Affirmations Are Important

As you begin using the visualization exercises, you will start saying affirmations that will help you retain your high vibration because affirmations reinforce your beliefs. Therefore, some affirmations you can use are “I love my new body,” “I feel so good physically and emotionally,” “I love how healthy I feel,” “It is so easy to lose weight,” and come up with ones that feel right to you! You do not want to recite affirmations that do not feel true to you because that can only defeat the purpose.

Record yourself using affirmations so you can listen to them when you drive, work out, and clean, or when you are taking a work break. Say them when you are meditating as you want to also, get into the habit of doing it about 15 minutes a day to start. That will help ground you.

Begin Setting Goals

As your mindset has shifted for the better, it is now time to set goals. First, you will want to be clear on how much weight you want to lose and set some mini-goals. It is not a good idea to only put your weight loss end-result goal. Setting mini-goals will help keep your vibration up and the momentum going. Also, when you do reach those mini-goals, you will want to reward yourself with a non-food item such as buying a pair of shoes for yourself or buying your favorite fragrance. You get the idea. That will help to keep reinforcing your belief.

Take Inspired Action

Now is the time to take inspired action, as you will be more than ready to do so. First, it is good to join weight loss support groups if you have a disappointing day. Then, you have a place to vent to release those emotions, as it is essential to do that to keep your vibration up. If you have others, you can lean on for support, that will help you in all aspects. However, you have yourself as well. That is why it is essential to keep up with the visualizations, meditations, affirmations, and other healthy habits so you can manifest the dream body you have always wanted!

-Croix Sather
Instant Manifestation Secrets