How to manifest anything you want

God treats everyone equally in all things. For the sake fairness, there are laws which govern our reality. These laws are the laws of our universe. They can’t be amended and repealed like our earthly laws. They have been established to last for eternity.

These laws are the laws of the cosmos, if an individual work in harmony with it, their life experience will be that of bliss and happiness but if an individual work against it or is in violation of it, their life will be filled with pain and misery. Ignorance of the laws of the Universe is not a defence.

So when you see an atheist who believes everything came out from nothing, is becoming rich and prosperous, while the God-fearing, loving and kind individual is struggling to make ends meet, it is because the atheist has applied the laws of prosperity and abundance correctly on purpose or by mistake while the God-fearing, just, kind, loving individual has not. The Law is impartial. If you apply it correctly, you will get what you desire and if you don’t, you will continue to experience your current reality. There is a formula for everything.

Knowing all these mentioned above in the previous paragraphs, I want to educate you or make you aware of how you can manifest anything you want in your life.

There are five components to the manifestation of any desire. All these five components are equally important. So you must get it right on each of them in order to manifest whatever you desire. And the best part is, it is free. It won’t cost you anything that requires money.

The five component for the manifestation of any desire are (1) Definite Desire (2) Thoughts, (3) Emotions, (4) Words and (5) Body Language.

Let’s look at these five components of manifestation in more detail.

Definite Desire

The most important question in the world of manifestation is what do you really want? Every teacher or mentor in the field of thought manifestation will always say to you, “tell me what you want and I will show you how to get it”. This is because firstly nothing is impossible and secondly you MUST know what you want before anyone can help you to achieve it.

What you want could be anything. It could be a car, it could be the love of your life, it could be a job or a beautiful house. Do you know the number one stumbling block stopping most people from achieving what they want in life is that they simply don’t know what they really what?

First of all, you must know what you want and be definite about it. You can’t say you want a Lamborghini today and two months later you make a Ferrari your desired car. You are deceiving and delaying yourself. You are creating a confusion in the Infinite Mind, this confusion will only result in your desire being discarded. Let me repeat it again, you must be definite about what you want.

After you have made a definite decision about what you want, you should be as specific as possible. Let’s say you want a Lamborghini. You must know the model, the sub-model, the colour, preferred interior design and e.t.c. This shows to the Universe that you really know what you want and you are definite about it. Once you made this definite decision, you cannot change it until you have what you desire in your possession. After you have made a definite decision of your desire, the next thing is how you think about it – your thought.

(2) Thoughts

Your thoughts dictate your actions, your actions determine your results. A person cannot do something until he or she has first thought about the thing. Your thought is where everything about you originates from. Your successes and failures in life can be traced back to how you think about things.

For you to manifest anything, you MUST have only positive thought about that thing. Let’s say you desire a particular type of house and your desire for that house is so definite that you know every little detail about that house, the next thing you MUST do is to start living in that house mentally. You MUST start imagining yourself going to bed and waking up in that house.

I always tell people, whatever you desire, get close to that thing as much as possible. Touch it, feel it, speak to it, tell it “we will be together soon”. [Disclaimer: Don’t do this on humans. It is against both spiritual and earthly laws].

You must start as soon as your desire is definite to begin living with your desire. Once I wanted to travel to a particular country but I had no money. What did I do? I travelled to that country mentally before I even have the money to get the ticket. I imagined myself in that country so much that half of the time, I wasn’t even sure where I was. Within few months of these strong imaginations, I found myself in this country enjoying life just as I have imagined in my imaginary process. The money needed for me to travel came to me in miraculous circumstances. What you think about often, you will become. This is an exact science.

I will repeat again, for you to manifest your desire, you must ONLY have positive thoughts about your desire. This means, you believe it has already manifested and you commence living it mentally immediately. There is absolutely no need to wait.

(3) Emotions

This third component for the manifestation of your desire should happen without any problem only if you have done steps 1 (Definite Desire) and 2 (Thoughts) correctly.

I cannot tell what someone is thinking but I can fell there emotion. If someone has good emotion, I will know within few minutes of meeting them and if there have bad emotion I will also know. Someone can look at you, and instantly you can tell if they like you or hate you. The feeling is invisible yet it’s there. Some people try to hide their negative emotion with fake smiles which only make things worse for them.

The same way we are emitting our true state of mind through our emotions, in the same manner, we emit what we are to the Universe.
Whatever were are emitting is what the Universe believes is our true energy and that is what it will manifest in our life.

In my article “The secret ingredient for manifestation“, I covered how “feeling” is the secret ingredient of manifestation. A lot of people will never manifest there desire because their emotion is not in line with their desire. This is why you MUST get steps 1 (Definite Desire) and 2 (Thoughts) correctly.

It is only when your desire is definite and you commence living as if you already have your desire in your physical possession, only then can you be able to develop the emotion of having that thing. Do you know if you come across someone who earns millions every year, you would know almost instantly? This is because there emotion is in line with that earning power. It is not by there outfit or car but by the emotion and energy they are emitting unconsciously.

To put it simply, your energy, emotion and feeling MUST be in line with a state of your desire already fulfilled.

(4) Words

Your words must be in line with your desire. You can’t be thinking about Lamborghini, mentally driving around in a Lamborghini and then be talking about a Ford. This is called mental cross current and it will wreck your hope of manifesting your desire. It will work against you and against your desire being fulfilled. You MUST align your words with your desire, thoughts and emotion. Words are too powerful to be wasted on idle talks. Use your words to bring your desire to life.

Whenever you want to speak about your desire, speak about it as though it has already manifested. Never speak of it in any other term.

(5) Body Language

Your body language says almost everything about you. You can’t tell people you are a confident person and the slightest unexpected noise makes you jump out of your skin. The way you carry yourself says a lot about you and your current affairs. This is why physical exercises are very good. They help you be in shape, build your confidence and have better posture.

In the world of manifestation, you must present yourself as though you already have that which you seek. If you desire a particular job, go and find out how people with such earning power dresses and start dressing like they do. Present yourself in the same manner like they also do. I was once dressed in a fine suit, bowler hat and an umbrella. While I was walking along Canary Wharf, a lady walked up to me to inquire if I was a banker. You know why she did that? I dressed and looked like a banker. You MUST become that which you seek in every way possible including in body language and appearance.


I started this article by quoting Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” But I never mentioned it again anywhere in the article. Why? Because the verse was covered in detail without mentioning it anywhere in the article.

The statement in Mark 11:24 is by Jesus Christ, in that small text He laid down everything you need to know about thought manifestation.
It says “whatever things you ask when you pray“. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, whatever it is that you desire in your heart when you pray – prayer is not just closing your eyes and repeating words. Real prayer happens in your thought and it is non-stop.

This is why the first thing you must get right is your desire. You must make sure that your desire is definite. Your definite desire is “whatever things you ask“. When you take this definite desire to the next process, which is “When you pray” this is prayer – Thought.

When you pray” is when you are thinking about it, talking about and having feelings about it. When you are doing all these things, you MUST “believe that you receive them, and you will have them“. This is the formula for the manifestation of desires.

The “Emotion”, “Words” and “Body Language” that were discussed in this article centred on one thing and one thing only, and that is “believe“. – “Believe that you receive them, and you will have them“.

You cannot align your emotion, words and body language with your desire unless you believe that you have already received them. For your desire to manifest, you must desire correctly, have positive thoughts about your desire and align your emotion, words and body language as though your desire has been fulfilled.

I hope you’ve found this article useful in one way or the other. If you know anyone who might find it useful, please be kind enough to share it them using the share button. Please also share it on your social media pages. Someone might find it helpful.

Also, you are free to use this article for teaching. All I asked for is to be properly referenced.

Have a wonderful day.

Mr Ben.

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