Fall In Love With Life

I truly love life.
Sometimes I’m silly
Sometimes I get overly excited.
And sometimes I’m a dork
Sometimes I make mistakes
Most of the time, I live from the heart place of love (as best I can).

Sometimes life sucks
Sometimes it’s hard

Sometimes it is easy
Sometimes it’s crazy amazing

This is life!

One thing is for sure … we must love it all.
Even the crap. Even the heartbreak. Even the challenges, problems, and sadness. Even the failures.

How can you know happiness without experiencing sadness?
How can you know success without knowing failure?

How can you know love without going through loss and heartache?
There can be no testimony with the test.

… Take a risk
… Do something stupid
… Make mistakes
… Fall in love with the wrong person
… Leave to find the right person

You can never have greatness,
if you are not willing to leave “good enough.”

You can never have happiness if you play it safe.
Because you can never be fulfilled by staying within the lines.

You will never experience life beyond measure,
if you are not willing to go the distance and live boldly.

Sometimes you have to risk it all.
And if you fall on your face, get up
You still made forward progress.
– Live life the way you want.
— Live it on your terms.
— Live it for you.
—- Live to make a difference.
——Live to love.

Live like tomorrow isn’t promised
Because the reality is … Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.
You won’t get a second chance or do-over in life.
You’ll regret what you don’t do, more than what you did.

Dream Big
Live Boldly
Love Deeply

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… Croix Sather
Creator Of Instant Manifestation Secrets