One of the quotes from Lord Buddha says “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Years later, these and many quotes formed the basis of the Law of Attraction, which today is one of the most popular universal laws.

All of us are knowingly or unknowingly sending out thought forms to the universe in a casual manner, without realizing the outcome of it. As a result, we are constantly creating ourselves in situations and beliefs that determine the future of our life. It is common to hear that ‘like attracts like’ and that we attract those very things that we like. All it depends is whether what we like is positive or negative, constructive or destructive. Our minds are constantly confused and create mixed judgments, thus sending out thought energy that could create a situation of positivity or negativity.

It is said that in order to have a positive outcome of your desires, your thought process must necessarily be infused with positive emotions. The more such activity, the positivity will displace the negativity. This will allow you to attract positive experiences and create positive opportunities.

According to the Law of Attraction, what you focus on, will attract and deliver. Therefore as you focus your thoughts on your desires, one must learn to cut off negative thoughts and take pleasure in the feeling of those positive thoughts. Positive energy establishes itself in your feelings of happiness, joy, passion, and enthusiasm, while if you tend to create a feeling of boredom, sadness, stress, anxiety, and anger, you would be living with a sea of negative energy.

Unfortunately, not many people are actually aware of the potential that lies behind their own thoughts. The thoughts come and go creating more of confusion, stress, and anxiety. Some people have very limiting beliefs which act as blockers in their path of success. Realising the power of mind and the power of thought can create an enormous potential for creating abundance in all areas of your life.


Mysterious as it sounds, the law of attraction has been existent since ancient times. Your good and bad times is a creation of your own self. What you send out, comes back. This basis of the Law of Attraction has techniques and exercises that can work to manifest your desires. The most common areas that people want to enhance in their personal life are Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Maintaining good health with exercises, a healthy diet, and regular checkups while maintaining a stable and positive state of mind including yoga can create a healthy living. Health is wealth. Another important desire in one’s life is to create wealth. However, we get so obsessed with this, that we always seek, to the extent that greed overtakes the pleasures of sharing and giving. Negative thoughts, failure, and greed kill the positive energy to attract abundance in your life. Here one has to sharpen their positive thought behaviors and release these energies into the universe without expectations.

The Law of Attraction is magical in itself. Start living the life you were meant to live. Draw money, success, and happiness, using simple strategies in your day to day life.

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