3 Steps To Manifest Your Desires

Learning to master the Law of Attraction is essential to create its reality and transform our life for more well-being and achievement. It is not about magic but rather about finding the junction point between the outer world and the inner world and learning to master our consciousness to create.

The Law of Attraction allows you to transform your reality and attract the fulfillment of your desires to you. It is a law that acts at the metaphysical level, which is to say in levels that go beyond the physical. This law describes how things are attracted to us resonance: there is a phenomenon of attraction and coherence between our inner world and the outer world. It is with your mind and conscience that you will be able to use this law to your advantage.

By learning to better understand the law of attraction, you will be able to create awareness that will forever change your inner workings and way of thinking. So, you can use this law to our advantage in order to embody your creative power in your life: to attract what you desire into your life and also allow you more happiness and well-being.

Here are the 3 stages of the manifestation according to the Law of Attraction.

  1. In life, everything we experience allows us to better determine what we desire to experience, have, or feel. Each experience is an opportunity to better know what we do not want, and therefore, to better know what we want.

This process takes place in the background, constantly and automatically. Everything you experience, absolutely everything, allows your aspirations and desires to become clearer. You are not necessarily aware of it, but it is happening, all day, every moment and for everyone.

The question is: Are you aware of these growing desires? Are you using the contrast in your life to your advantage to better define what you desire? Are you consciously expressing these emerging desires?

It happens that we get stuck observing, judging, rejecting, or suffering from the things that we do not want while in you, from these experiences, new desires are born. These desires which become clearer ask only to be noticed, recognized, and expressed. They are just waiting for your attention to flourish and exist in your life.

The moment you realize that you want something or its opposite, that desire is written somewhere in your vibratory field.

Your vibrational field becomes aware and informed of this preference, and immediately responds to it accordingly. Recognizing the desires that arise from the contrast of life and formulating the conscious request for them is the first step in manifesting them.

  1. As soon as a desire becomes clear and arises from the contrast of life, the request is formulated within you. It does not matter whether it is expressed, recognized, or not, this request automatically gives rise to a response: the response to a desire is a vibratory space corresponding to the experience of this desire.

In the realm of the potentials of reality, there is a reality that contains the manifestation of this desire. Of course, this reality is not physical, it is not manifested, but it does exist in the form of energy potential ready to be manifested.

In other words, you have formulated the desire (consciously or unconsciously), and there is somewhere the vibration response to that desire. In the energy field of potentials and possibilities, demand has given rise to a very specific vibration which is the exact response to demand.

We can say that the answer is given to you. In vibratory form, there is the answer to your request within you.

The famous phrase in the Law of Attraction that says ask and you get is often misunderstood: people ask, and then they wait. They don’t understand that the answer, what they are getting, is a specific vibration that they can access within themselves. Instead of waiting for the response on the outside, they could contact this vibration through the inside and then harmonize with that vibration to create the process of manifestation!

Ask and you get: ask, and know that the answer to your desire is within you, it is there, somewhere, even if you cannot yet hold it in your hand.

The answer to your desires is born within you, in an extended part of your consciousness. This consciousness, which is sometimes called higher, is just a version of you that includes energetic potentials ready to manifest. It is a YOU which is greater than the current you and which includes the vibrations of desires awaiting manifestation.

The answer to your desires is automatically given to you and exists in the vibrational form in an extended version of you.

This potential reality, in the form of vibration, exists within you and is waiting to be manifested in your physical reality. This vibrational reality, that is to say, your extended being which contains all the answers to your requests is sometimes called your VORTEX.

To carry out this 2nd step, you have absolutely nothing to do. From the contrast arises your new desires, and these desires naturally give rise to a vibration response in your vibratory field. The process is passive and does not require any active participation on your part.

All you have to do is understand this process that is going on in the background, and recognize the existence of these vibrational potentials that arise in response to your desires. The more you become aware of them, the more you will be able to manifest them in your life.

  1. This step is the one that requires the most effort on our part. Paradoxically, everything is already done and all you have to do is allow the change to manifest through you.

Although it sounds simple, it will require you to develop confidence, faith in life, an understanding of the mechanism of creation, as well as a capacity for letting go, acceptance, and welcoming.


It’s all a matter of alignment: once a desire arises within you, the vibrational response exists somewhere and demands to be manifested. In order for it to be manifested, you must embrace the corresponding vibration, and maintain that alignment sufficiently. You must embody this new vibrational state and allow it to come to life through you.

This alignment is actually about feeling desire throughout your being as it has already been realized, appreciating in advance the emotional qualities it gives you and feeling as if you already have it. In other words, it’s about behaving in your mind, emotionally and mentally, as if your desire has already been fulfilled. Thus, vibratorily, the skew between “where you are” and “where you want to be” becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes zero and the physical manifestation follows.

For this you have to give your attention to what you want: the desire already manifested. You must maintain your mental and emotional focus on the desired vibrational reality: behave as if the desire is already fulfilled and present in your life. The goal is really to immerse yourself in this reality and to create in you this coherence which causes the manifestation. If you can feel yourself in this new reality, feel all the qualities that you can enjoy, and appreciate this new state, then you are nurturing that potential and making it possible. The more you do this, the more you will fuel this potential of your creative energy. And the more you feed it, the more you make it possible for it to manifest itself to you in your life.

To know if you are on the right road, your emotional guidance will help you.
• If you feel negative emotions at the idea of desire, it is because your point of attraction is not focused on the vibration of the desire realized. You are not in a state of welcome and non-resistance to desire. This negative emotion indicates that there is something to change in you.
• If you are feeling positive emotions, and you are able to feel the benefits and the appreciation in advance, then you are on the path to creating that desire.

Listening to your emotions is fundamental to know where you are in the creation process.

When you experience negative emotions, it indicates blockages from immersing yourself in this new reality. Your attention is on a wrong point of attraction, and the emotion is there for you to correct that. Another way of seeing it is: you do not allow this new vibrational space to express itself in you and through you.

You then need to release interior resistances because these create a vibratory distance between “where you are” and “where you want to be” which prevents the manifestation from being possible.

To make your state of coherence more fluid, you will have to release conflicts and resistances, release limiting beliefs that do not allow you to embrace the new vibrational reality.

This work is also a work of welcome and authorization. For it is your desire that asks to be manifested. Your job is not to go THERE while being HERE but to prepare HERE so that THERE will come to you. It is very different. You’re not being asked to go there, but to let him come to you, and make it possible for him to come to you.

Where the attention goes, the energy goes. Maintaining the focus of our consciousness on what we desire gives rise to the indicators that we are on the right track: emotions of joy, love, and peace which are the response to this state. When you maintain your focus on having what you want, then you feel good, your emotions are positive, and you feel on the right track.

In order for your desire to take shape in the matter, you must adopt the vibratory attitude of as if you were already there. The state you seek is a state of acceptance and welcome. This vibrational reality that exists, in response to your desire, is just waiting for you to come into your life. It is up to you to become the vibrational correspondence with this reality here and now. This is done while being in a state of authorization, and reception.

When you manage to maintain this vibrational state sufficiently, then you give all your energy and your power to this desire and allow it to manifest in your life.

The idea is to keep yourself in a space where your reality already includes your desire, to keep yourself in the emotions that this would give you, to appreciate and to enjoy the gratitude that it gives you for experiencing these new desires. By maintaining this vibrational space, all actions you take will flow from high inspiration and new creativity. You put all the chances on your side to manifest what you want.

This 3rd step is the step that requires the most active and conscious work on your part. Often, we are not used to letting go of our lives, and actively observing things that are only there in the imagination. However, this is the key to creating your reality.

The greatest minds of this Earth will tell you that this is how they achieved their dreams, achieved success, and even financial abundance.

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